40+ Years of Experience

The Leading One-Stop Custom Injection Moulder in Engineering Plastics.

A global, self-sufficient manufacturing concern dedicated to customer satisfaction, pursuing excellence with strategically located plants catering to specific target markets.

Providing Custom Injection Solutions

With over 40 years’ experience in the plastic injection industry, Hil Industries Berhad (‘HIL’) enjoys the reputation of being a Leading One-stop Custom Injection Moulder of engineering plastics in South East Asia.

Our Business

One-stop Plastic Solution Provider With In-house Mould Making Capabilities.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Injection machines range from 25 tonnes to 2800 tonnes clamping force.

Range of Products & Services

Capable to provide a complete range of service to customers from sourcing of material, design and manufacturing of the final finished products at competitive price.

Head Lining / Press Forming Technology

PU pouring and forming line for headlining Plus new Press and Glue Coating and Water Jet for Rawang factory.


Developing Affordable Dream Homes.

Reputable Clientele

Prominent Clientele Comprising Industry Leaders: Automotive, Electronics & Telecommunications and Information Technology.

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